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Unusual romantic weekend Cassis

The surprising place to spend a romantic night for two
in Provence in the South of France.

Discover Unique Escapes at Minamina: Your Romantic Destination in the Heart of Provence.

Every couple deserves a moment of escape, a time when the outside world fades away to make room for exclusive intimacy. If you're dreaming of an exceptional and offbeat romantic weekend, Minamina is the perfect place for you.

Nestled near Cassis, this romantic retreat offers you a one-of-a-kind experience of unconventional accommodation right in the heart of Provence. When the desire for a romantic getaway strikes, there's nothing like choosing a destination that breaks the mold. At Minamina, the experience surpasses all expectations of unique lodging. Picture yourself in a romantic apartment rental, crafted with original, subtle, and alluring decor. And don't worry, we won't ask you to test your flexibility with exotic yoga poses. We'll leave that to other vacationers!

Located in the heart of Provence, Minamina presents two exclusive suites, each featuring its own private jacuzzi. Let yourself be swept away by the enchantment of a relaxing couple's bath, surrounded by an intimate and warm ambiance. The love room you'll discover here goes far beyond the ordinary. With a private jacuzzi in the room, you'll have all the comfort and privacy you need to create priceless memories.

Minamina is more than just accommodation; it's an experience. Every corner of this wonderful place exudes romance and escape. The proximity to Cassis adds an extra touch of charm, allowing you to enjoy beautiful walks hand in hand along the Mediterranean shores, relish delicious meals in picturesque restaurants, and create unforgettable memories for two.

The original decor of Minamina immerses you in a unique ambiance where love and passion take center stage. Each element is designed to evoke emotions and reignite the flames of romance. The subtlety of the decor creates a perfect setting for intimate moments and shared instances.

For those seeking to celebrate their love in a truly special setting, Minamina offers much more than a mere stay. It's an immersion into romance, an exciting and intimate retreat that will leave memories etched in your heart.

By choosing Minamina for your romantic weekend, you're opting for an extraordinary experience. Close to Cassis, in the heart of Provence, this unconventional lodging promises moments of intimacy, relaxation, and deep connection. The suites with private jacuzzis, original decor, and that alluring touch ensure a place where magic happens, where every moment is a shared happiness. Minamina is more than just accommodation; it's a romantic destination waiting to be explored together.

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