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Hotel with private jacuzzi Marseille

The surprising place to spend a romantic night for two
in Provence in the South of France.

Minamina: Your Intimate Oasis with Private Jacuzzi near Marseille

Sometimes it's easy to overlook the treasures that lie right at our doorstep, especially when you reside in a city as dynamic and fascinating as Marseille. However, there exists an idyllic romantic getaway just minutes away from you that can transform a simple night into an unforgettable experience: Minamina, a hotel with loverooms and private jacuzzis, strategically located between Marseille, Aix-en-Provence, and Toulon.

Marseille, City of Contrasts

Marseille is a city of contrasts and energy, where sea breezes blend with the scent of spices in the markets, and ancient history harmoniously coexists with modernity. Yet, even in the heart of this bustling metropolis, there are moments when it's necessary to escape, to treat yourselves to a break, and to reconnect with your loved one.

Minamina: Your Romantic Haven

Minamina is more than just a hotel; it's a sanctuary, an intimate enclave where every moment becomes an opportunity to draw closer together. Located just a stone's throw from Marseille, it offers couples the chance to escape without venturing far from home.

The Art of Traveling Nearby

While Minamina is close to your home, it provides a complete immersion in a different experience. It's a journey in its own right, a magical interlude just minutes from your doorstep. You don't need to cross oceans to feel like you're somewhere else; the enchantment begins as soon as you step through Minamina's doors.

One of the most appreciated benefits by our guests is the ability to park right in front. In Marseille, where finding secure parking can sometimes be a challenge, this convenience is a true blessing. You can forget about parking-related stress.

A Hotel, An Activity in Itself!

If you're an active couple, you know how enjoyable it is to vary your activities. Dining out, going to the cinema, or strolling around the city are all pleasures you both appreciate. But have you ever considered choosing a hotel as an activity in itself?

At Minamina, every detail is designed to create a unique experience. Each suite is carefully crafted, offering an elegant and cozy ambiance where every element is meant to enhance intimacy and connection between lovers. Of course, the highlight of each suite is the private jacuzzi, where you can relax and rejuvenate in complete privacy.

Marseille at Your Feet

When you stay at Minamina, you're simultaneously in Marseille and somewhere else. You have the opportunity to explore or rediscover this city at your own pace. You can choose to stroll along the Old Port, savor a bouillabaisse at a renowned restaurant, or wander through the charming streets of Le Panier.

The Calanques, those breathtaking wild coves, are also within easy reach. You can opt for a romantic hike, a boat ride, or simply bask in the sun on the beach at Catalans.

Minamina: Your Romantic Playground

Minamina also offers a variety of options to spice up your stay. When you book a loveroom with a private jacuzzi at Minamina, you're reserving more than just a hotel night. You're reserving a moment where you can reconnect, recharge, and rekindle the flames of passion.

Conclusion: A Nearby Escape

There's no need to travel long distances for an exceptional romantic getaway. Minamina is here, just minutes away from you, ready to welcome you into its world of comfort, intimacy, and romance.

Marseille, with its multifaceted charm, is the perfect backdrop for a couple's escape. And Minamina is the perfect complement, the place where every moment becomes a memorable step in your journey together. Come and discover Minamina, where love is the key to every stay, and happiness awaits you face to face in your private jacuzzi!

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