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Loveroom under the stars of Provence, close to La Ciotat and Cassis.

Discover the Minamina: Your Intimate Destination Under the Stars in La Ciotat!


Located just steps away from La Ciotat, the Minamina loveroom offers couples a perfectly situated romantic getaway with easy access from highways coming from Aix en Provence, Cassis, Marseille, and Toulon. Furthermore, the convenience of free parking right in front adds a touch of practicality to this amorous escape. The Minamina, with its two luxury suites, promises an unforgettable experience for lovers seeking to reconnect and rekindle their passion.


A luxury retreat for lovers !

The Minamina offers two sumptuous suites, each with its own charm and unique ambiance.


- The Sierra Suite welcomes you with a warm and cozy atmosphere. The use of natural materials like wood and stone creates a feeling of comfort. Warm colors and adjustable ambient lighting add a touch of magic to this romantic space. This suite features a jacuzzi, sauna, oversized shower, dressing room, a rolling table above the bed, a crackling fireplace, a fully equipped kitchen, and many other carefully designed details for an unforgettable sensory experience.


- The Socoah Suite, on the other hand, offers a truly original and eclectic experience. Each room in this suite has its own ambiance and decor, creating a unique immersive experience. The ambiance can be subtly erotic or even evoke the world of BDSM with the "Be Naughty" option, adjustable ambient lighting, and a suspended cage that adds an element of mystery and excitement. The headboard with bars also contributes to the suggestive atmosphere of this suite. Let your imagination run wild in this creative space where the stars are the only limits.


Gourmet options to enhance your experience:

Beyond the luxurious suites, the Minamina offers a variety of options to make your stay even more special. One of these options is champagne, perfect for toasting to your love in the privacy of your loveroom. You can also choose an exquisite seafood platter, a gourmet choice that will awaken your senses and your appetite for passion.


If you're looking for a unique dining experience, why not opt for a raclette session in the jacuzzi? Imagine you and your partner enjoying melted cheese while lounging in the warm water, an experience that is both decadent and romantic.


To add a touch of mystery and surprise, the Minamina offers the "Love Box." Inside, you'll find sensual surprises and accessories to stimulate your imagination and awaken your desires.


Explore your fantasy with "Be Naughty":

For couples looking to explore bolder horizons and delve into a "50 Shades of Grey" inspired world, the "Be Naughty" option is at your disposal. This option allows you to create a light and exciting BDSM experience in the Socoah Suite. Ambient lighting, the suspended cage, and the headboard with bars allow you to customize your experience according to your desires and limits.


Customization for a unique experience:

At the Minamina, customization is key to creating a unique experience. Balloons hung from the ceiling with a suspended message are a great way to personalize your loveroom by adding a special or romantic message for your partner. Whether it's an "I love you" or an intimate message, this personal touch will melt your loved one's heart.


Mountain platters, consisting of quality cheeses and charcuterie, as well as original fruit platters with fresh and exotic fruits, are perfect for an intimate gourmet evening. If you have a sweet tooth, the Minamina also offers a selection of candies, chocolates, and macarons to satisfy your sweet cravings.



The Minamina is more than just a luxurious loveroom just steps away from La Ciotat. It is a sanctuary where love, passion, and creativity come together to create unforgettable memories. With its two luxury suites with unique atmospheres, a range of gourmet options, and the ability to customize your experience, the Minamina offers a romantic getaway that will delight couples looking for intimate and memorable moments. Whether you're tempted by the cozy atmosphere of the Sierra Suite or want to explore more daring territory in the Socoah Suite, the Minamina has everything to captivate you. So, get ready to lose yourself in the stars of your love at the Minamina.

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