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Loveroom Marseille la Valentine

An original loveroom with a private Jacuzzi

just a few minutes from La Valentine, near Marseille.

The Minamina, a romantic getaway near Marseille


Located near Marseille, in La Valentine, just a stone's throw from Allauch and a short distance from Plan de Cuques, the Minamina is an unconventional loveroom that offers an unparalleled romantic experience. If you're looking to escape the routine and create magical moments with your loved one, then this unique place is perfect for you. The Minamina stands out with an impressive list of advantages that make it an ideal destination for lovers.


Late check-out included

One of the major advantages of the Minamina is the late check-out included in your stay. Say goodbye to the stress of leaving your cozy nest early. Enjoy your loveroom to the fullest until the time that suits you because here, time adapts to your desires.


Contactless and 100% self-service access

Upon entering the Minamina, you will immediately discover the ease of contactless access. Thanks to automated QR code locking systems, you can access your loveroom independently, ensuring complete privacy for your romantic getaway.


Original and immersive decoration

The Minamina's decoration is simply breathtaking. Designed in close collaboration with a renowned designer, every detail has been carefully thought out to create a unique and immersive ambiance. You will be transported to a world of fantasy as soon as you step through the door.


Top-quality premium amenities

At the Minamina, there is no compromise on quality. You will find top-of-the-line amenities that add a touch of luxury to your stay. Nothing is left to chance to provide you with the utmost comfort.


Personalized service and romantic ideas

The Minamina team is incredibly attentive to your needs and ready to help you organize a perfect romantic evening. They come up with ideas to make your stay even more special and memorable.


Private in-room Jacuzzi

Imagine relaxing in a private Jacuzzi surrounded by flickering candles and soft lights while sipping champagne with your loved one. At the Minamina, this experience is a classic, right in your room.


À la carte options and services

The Minamina offers a multitude of à la carte options and services to customize your stay according to your preferences. Nothing is left to chance because your satisfaction is an absolute priority.


"Routine BREAKER!"

The Minamina's slogan, "routine BREAKER," is felt as soon as you arrive at this unique place. Here, you can truly escape the monotony of daily life and reconnect with your partner.


Impeccable hygiene!

Hygiene is an absolute priority at the Minamina, with a strict charter ensuring the cleanliness and safety of each room. You can relax with confidence.


Maximum sound isolation

At the Minamina, your privacy is preserved thanks to maximum sound isolation. You can let your emotions run freely in peace.


Ideal location nearby

The Minamina's location is ideal, close to highway entrances and exits, making it a perfect central base for exploring the area. Many cities, including Marseille, Allauch, Plan de Cuques, and other points of interest, are nearby, allowing you to combine romance and discovery.


Immersive ambiance with lighting effects

The Minamina's immersive ambiance is enhanced by carefully selected lighting effects to create a magical and romantic atmosphere.


Custom furniture and positive feedback

The Minamina has chosen custom-made furniture to add elegance and character to each room. Positive feedback from numerous guests confirms that this place is truly exceptional.


Over 60 options to choose from

With over 60 options at your disposal, you can customize your stay according to your desires, whether it's with relaxing massages, gourmet meals, or romantic surprises.


In summary, the Minamina, located near Marseille, Allauch, Plan de Cuques, and other cities, is more than just a loveroom with a private spa. It is an unforgettable romantic experience designed to escape the daily routine, with meticulous attention to detail, immersive decoration, top-notch amenities, and a dedicated team ready to make your stay memorable. So, if you're looking for a place to reignite the spark in your relationship or simply escape as a couple, the Minamina is the perfect address. Don't wait any longer to book your moment of happiness in this paradise. Routine breaker guaranteed!

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