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Hotel with private jacuzzi Cassis

The surprising place to spend a romantic night for two
in Provence in the South of France.

Minamina: Your Oasis of Romance in Cassis!

Ah, Cassis! Where the sun caresses the hills and the Mediterranean sea whispers promises of escape. And at the heart of this idyllic scene lies Minamina, your romantic refuge. This enchanting hotel, with its unique charm and subtle touches of humor, is where your love story comes to life.

Envision a loveroom designed to awaken the senses and nurture intimacy. Every corner exudes privacy, adorned with original decor paying homage to romance. And of course, the pièce de résistance: your private jacuzzi. Because Minamina knows how to gift you a relaxing getaway, enhanced with that hint of extravagance that makes each moment unforgettable.

Your stay at Minamina is not confined within four walls. It's a sensory experience that transports you. As the sun dips behind the hills of Cassis, the charm of Provence comes alive in every detail of this establishment. The soothing murmur of the Mediterranean sea in the background provides the perfect soundtrack for your romantic escapade.

The loveroom is your secret haven within this earthly paradise. Subtle touches of humor in the decor add a playful element to the ambiance, because Minamina understands that laughter is the spice of life. What could be better than sharing a moment of intimacy in your private jacuzzi? Leave your worries behind and immerse yourself in an unforgettable experience.

And let's not forget Cassis, the jewel of the Mediterranean. With Minamina as your starting point, explore picturesque alleys, charming cafes, and breathtaking panoramic views. A hand-in-hand stroll along Cassis' Mediterranean shores promises a memorable moment.

By choosing Minamina for your romantic escapade, you're opting to create memories that will last a lifetime. Whether for a special occasion or simply to celebrate everyday love, this hotel envelops you in an enchanting atmosphere where every moment matters.

Ready to dive into the laid-back luxury of Cassis? Book your stay at Minamina now by clicking on the link below. With your loveroom and private jacuzzi, your romantic getaway will exceed your wildest dreams. Minamina awaits you with a touch of humor and abundant charm, ready to offer you an extraordinary experience.

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